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We provide fully customized solutions to handle your day-to-day PAC activities. We can provide you with a live receptionist to handle event-related calls, or even a personalized Coalescent client representative providing you customized event and campaign information. Let us customize a solution for you so that you can focus more time on what matters most.

Choose a full-service offering from Coalescent or
combine any of the following features to customize
your fundraising event management solution:

  • Designated PAC event phone line to receive event-related calls.
  • Optional live receptionist to answer calls and handle each according to your customized protocols.
  • Flexible message delivery via email, text, or live verbal relay.
  • Customized PAC e-mail address to receive all event related invitations which are loaded into the database on your behalf..
  • Communicate new PAC contact information to the fundraising community.
  • Personalized representative assigned to your account. Services include:
    • Delivery of a customized comprehensive list of candidate, leadership PAC and party committee events based on your PAC budget or specific requests.
    • Handle all initial RSVPs and any subsequent event attendance changes or cancellations on behalf of your attendees.
    • Electronically deliver a weekly, monthly or any customized list of event RSVPs.
    • Upon request, provide comprehensive campaign and fundraising contact information for candidates, leadership PACs and party committees (including incumbent, open seat, challenger, leadership PAC, and party committee street campaign addresses, including complete with FEC address, ID number and contact information).
    • On call to handle specific search requests, serve as a liaison to the fundraising community on your behalf or provide additional support as needed.



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